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We are a small, independent publisher and we intend to keep it that way. This means we must be very selective in what we publish. Our low publishing rate allows us to dedicate as much time as needed to each of our titles.

New Division

We are excited to announce a new division of Copper Pen Press, LLC. We have launched a motion picture production division named Copper Pen Pictures.  We are exit bagcurrently involved in a project with Espinosa Entertainment to produce a short film titled “The Exit Bag.” You can find out more info on this project by going to the film’s website at exitbagmovie.com. You can check out social media for the film by going to  Facebook and Twitter.

Click here to to to Copper Pen Pictures website.

Coming Soon:

freakshow2Freakshow: Freakishly Fascinating Tales of Mystery and Suspense.

What do you get when mystery and suspense authors from around the world pin stories set in a circus, carnival or freak show? Copper Pen Press is proud to announce the April release of Freakshow: Freakishly Fascinating Tales of Mystery and Suspense.

The fourteen stories in this anthology will take you back in time, as well as the present, to introduce to you freaks the likes you have never seen before. Stir in murder, mayhem, and robbery and you have a recipe for stories that you will not soon forget.

Step right up. Buy your ticket and take a ride like you have never been on before.

Freakshow Update: We are having to work out a few issues. The project has been put on a back burner while the issues are being solved, but we do plan on publishing the book in 2018.

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Become a member of Team Copper Pen Press. We are seeking beta readers, ARC readers, and street team members.

A beta reader receives a pre-edited copy our book. Beta readers provide helpful insight on how to improve important elements of a story such as characters, setting, and plot. They also provide suggestions for spelling, grammar, and fact checking.

An ARC (Advanced Review Copy) reader is a person who receives a pre-published copy of a book in exchange for leaving an honest book review (typically on Amazon and/or Goodreads) just before, or once the book is available for distribution.

Street team members help promote a book by handing out materials such as bookmarks and fliers, posting reviews and book recommendations online, requesting the book from area libraries and bookstores, and spreading book info through word of mouth.

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